Dissertation Format: Guidelines For Students In Trouble

Not all writing assignments are the same. During the course of your study, you’ve probably encountered different writing tasks from various subjects. While some of them may have particular format guidelines, the format for providing a completed dissertation to the Graduate School is different. Fortunate, dissertation services know this, so you don’t have to spend time discussing the complex format guidelines for writing your paper.

The dissertation culminates a very important part of your graduate career. In dissertation writing and defending this academic document, you already prove that you’ve acquired the significant skills of scholarship and research. The dissertation format guidelines are set to help you produce the best paper that looks neat and professional. Even when you seek dissertation writing help, you will realize how important these guidelines are for your paper to be accepted by the school.

The Style

You must follow the leading manuals in your field regarding the style. You can check with your advisor or department about any policies on dissertation style. Any references, phrases and quotations in a foreign language must follow disciplinary or departmental style.


The four margins of the page should be at least one inch, with the right and left margins having the same measurements. All materials, including images, endnotes and footnotes, footers and headers, tables and figures must appear within the manuscript’s margins. Illustrations, graphs and charts may also be placed horizontally to conform to the margin requirements.


The table of contents, acknowledgments, dedication, text and abstract are double-spaced. Often, quotations of 8 lines or more are single-spaced and indented. Bibliographic entries, endnotes and footnotes must be single-spaced but with double spacing between every entry.


The most commonly preferred fonts are twelve-point Time New Roman or ten-point Arial. However, some may also use sans-serif or legible serif standard font. Ornamental or script fonts should never be used. You also need to ensure that the font is uniform through the manuscript, though a separate or slightly smaller font size may be used for pagination, appendices, graphs, tables, footnotes, table of content and the abstract.

These are just a few of the many things you need to keep in mind when writing a thesis or dissertation. You can always consult the best dissertation service if you’re unsure what to do. They are equipped with knowledge and experience writing different academic papers and dissertations so that they can help you with the process. Getting professional help with dissertation is probably one of the most cost-efficient and smart decisions you can do to make sure that you are on the right track in terms of writing your dissertation. This is especially important if you have some other important tasks to do that prevent you from focusing on your thesis. With the professional help of writing experts, you can accomplish more without too many hassles.

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